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20 Years After The Dark Day Rabin Was Killed

1. Hyphenating
Shlaim, an Iraqi-born British Israeli historian,
–I would personally hyphenate this, or actually use a slash (/), but the Chicago Manual differs:
8.38Compound nationalities
Whether terms such as African American, Italian American, Chinese American, and the like should be spelled open or hyphenated has been the subject of considerable controversy, the hyphen being regarded by some as suggestive of bias. Chicago doubts that hyphenation represents bias, but since the hyphen does not aid comprehension in such terms as those mentioned above, it may be omitted unless a particular publisher requires it.

–This also applies to adjectival phrases

2. Spacing:

Rabin reached that conclusion after a long military and political career. Shlaim explains:

–one space should be deleted

3. Alternate spellings

“the Oslo accord of September 13, 1993 and the hesitant handshake with Yasser Arafat on the lawn of the White House.”

–If this is a direct quote, Yasser is OK; later you use Yasir

–also, I usually see Accord capitalized, but if it’s this way in the quote, it can stay

4. More about quotes

Instead, Rabin’s assassination led to the rise of successive right-wing Israeli governments

–above, “rightwing” is used in a quote, but that should also be left as is

5. caps

ceding most of the occupied territories to the Palestinians,

–I would capitalize this phrase, unless it’s a direct quote
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“It Is Very Heavy Here Right Now”

By James M. Wall A personal friend of mine, a mother of three children, wrote from Jerusalem today: “As I’m sure you are aware, the situation here is not good. I’ve wanted to write to all of you for two days … Continue reading

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Obama Defeats Netanyahu In Iran Accord Battle

by James M. Wall Updated: Tuesday, September 8, 2015: Benjamin Netanyahu’s AIPAC-controlled U.S. minions lost their battle to destroy President Obama’s nuclear accord with Iran and the P1-5 world powers. A final, crucial vote was announced when Senator Barbara Mikulski (D-Md) became … Continue reading

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More Democratic Senators Support Iran Deal

by James M. Wall Senator Charles Schumer, Democrat of New York and leader of the pro-Israel forces in the Senate, announced on August 6, that he would oppose President Obama’s effort to gain Congressional support for the P5+1 nuclear deal with Iran. … Continue reading

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Two States Never an Option for Netanyahu

by James M. Wall Juan Cole reports that President Jimmy Carter was “brutally frank” in a recent interview with England‘s Prospect magazine. Carter was on a tour for his new book, A Full Life: Reflections at 90, when he told journalist Bronwen Maddox, “all … Continue reading

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House Members In Israel for Obama-Bashing

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Iran Political Fulmination Versus Diplomatic Deal

by James M. Wall Blessings upon New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof for pointing out that “fulmination” is the right word to describe opposition to the diplomatic deal President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry have just reached with Iran and … Continue reading

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Thirteen Senators Who Could Make History

by James M. Wall Most U.S. media attention is focused this summer on Donald Trump and the latest outbreak of domestic violence in movie theaters. But look carefully at the internet and you will find Roland Nikles reporting for Mondoweiss on a story … Continue reading

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UCC Says No to Occupation, Votes 80% to Divest

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Bibi Coalition Echoes Groucho’s “Duck Soup”

by James M. Wall The Times of Israel, Israel’s leading right wing newspaper, can usually be counted on to lead the cheers for any Benjamin Netanyahu Israeli government. Not this time. After his recent narrow election victory Netanyahu turned to a right wing collection … Continue reading

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