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The Thieves Pause: Israel “Open” to Summer Building Freeze

by James M. Wall                 “Israel Open to Settlement Freeze” was the New York Times headline over Ethan Bronner’s latest report from Jerusalem. How generous. The occupiers who stole all that Palestinian West … Continue reading

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Bibi Uses “Recognition Plus” to Defy Obama and Block Peace Plan

by James M. Wall       Israel never misses a chance to create a new road block for peace. The latest? Recognition Plus. Of course, Bibi Netanyahu could not put this latest road block over on the U.S. public … Continue reading

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Carter’s Middle East Trip: If its Tuesday, This Must be Gaza

by James M. Wall Jimmy Carter’s 10-day trip to the Middle East started in Lebanon, June 7 and ended in Gaza, June 17. This picture was taken in Gaza, where, among other stops, Carter visited an UNRAW Children’s Center, accompanied … Continue reading

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Obama Speech and Moussavi Campaign Weaken Zionism’s Iran Narrative

Update: Iran Detaining Election Opponents In a practice which sounds disturbingly familiar to Middle East election watchers, the Iranian government of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has “detained” leading supporters of the man who “lost” the election, Mirhossein Moussavi. It has become increasingly obvious that … Continue reading

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Obama Speech Draws Spirited Response From DC To Damascus

by James M. Wall   Reactions to Barack Obama’s Cairo speech were largely positive, with one notable caveat.   Start with the ongoing struggle between two Washington, D.C. lobby groups, AIPAC, and its emerging challenger, J Street.  The more moderate challenger’s … Continue reading

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Can Obama Take His Cairo Show on the Road to Jerusalem?

by James M. Wall   President Obama has a massive educational task on his hands. In his long-awaited Cairo speech, he addressed a world audience of more than 1.2 billion Muslims, an estimated 22% of the world’s population, second only to … Continue reading

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