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Do Not Call It a Military Conflict; It’s The Occupation, Stupid

By James M. Wall Enough already with the euphemism of “conflict”, which so conveniently covers up Israel’s absolute dominance of  US policy in the Middle East. This is no conflict; it’s the Occupation, stupid. Rachelle Marshall cuts through the garbage … Continue reading

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“A Budget is Always a Moral Document”

Revised and Updated By James M. Wall The Chicago Hearing, a “mock Congressional Hearing” sponsored by the American Friends Service Committee, attracted a standing room only crowd to the campus of the University of Chicago this past weekend. In addition … Continue reading

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Barack Obama: “I’m Not Going to Comment” on Israel’s Nukes

by James M. Wall During the closing press conference at the Nuclear Security Summit in Washington Tuesday, The Washington Post’s Scott Wilson, asked President Obama: “Will you call on Israel to declare its nuclear program and sign the Non-Proliferation Treaty?” … Continue reading

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Bibi Skips Obama Nuke Meeting; Still Not Ready to Confess Dimona

by James M. Wall Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu accepted President Obama’s invitation to attend this week’s nuclear arms discussions. After further reflection he told Obama he would send a substitute, Deputy Prime Minister Dan Meridor. Word had reached Bibi that … Continue reading

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Nabi Saleh Has Endured Land Confiscation Since 1977

by James M. Wall If your understanding of the current contretemps between Israel and the United States is limited to what you read or see in the Main Stream Media, then the village of Al Nabi Saleh (the Prophet Salih) should … Continue reading

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