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If Obama’s Libyan Intervention “Succeeds”, Will Palestine Be Next?


Fayyad’s program was published under the optimistic title, “Palestine: Ending the Occupation, Establishing the State.” It was described in the Huffington Post by Palestinian Journalist Daoud Kuttub, as “brilliant”:

Palestinians have finally started to act in a different way. Instead of cursing the occupation, the new strategy is aimed at building up the desired Palestinian state.

The idea is to force the Israelis to the negotiating table rather than beg them to come. The way to do that is to work for a state as if there were negotiations. This idea has been brilliantly developed by the Palestinian prime minister.

Salam Fayyad proposal for the de facto creation of a Palestinian state within two years is a brilliant idea that is hard to ignore or oppose it.

As a recent London Guardian column puts it: “If you build it, the state will come”.

Elisabeth Braw wrote this article for Metro http://www.metro.lu .

“On August 26 there will be a Palestinian state, and it will be open to all,” says Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad

Mahmoud Abbas good things the government is doing to establish the state in Sept, domestically and internationally. For example, the more UN countries who recognized Palestine lately, were as a result of huge effort by the government and as a natural result of the good work the government is doing on the ground, which gained the trust of many international countries. This is something we worked very hard on achieving, a legitimate Palestinian government. Israel works so hard to delegitimize the Palestinian government, without which we can never have a state. Continue reading

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