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James McKendree Wall

October 27,1928–March 22, 2021 James M Wall died March 22, 2021 at age 92. His family appreciates all of his readers, even those who may have disagreed with his well-informed writings.

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WW Film of the Week: The Best of Enemies

By James M. Wall A reader suggested a film for reflection as racial tensions rise in the present moment. I had earlier written the following review. The Best of Enemies Based on a true series of events in Durham, North … Continue reading

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Churches’ Role In Forming the Movie Ratings System, Plus Violence Within Our Land

By James M. Wall In search of movies to recommend during this self-isolation period, I found a Wall Writings posting that discusses two movies. (Note: parential discretion essential) The films are two of my favorites, Nashville and The Apostle. It … Continue reading

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Revising Gertrude Bell’s Final Journey

by James M. Wall This posting intially came on line  in 2017. I am reposting it now to introduce  another audience to Gertrude Bell. Forces opposed to the reality of the history of the region continue to hide Gertrude Bell, … Continue reading

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“Lift Every Voice”

by James M. Wall An earlier Wall Writings posting, entitled, “Lift Every Voice and Sing”, came to mind this rainy May afternoon as I pondered what to share with readers this week during our ongoing period of face masks and … Continue reading

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“The Straight Story”: A Film For Now

by James M. Wall A few years back, Phillip Lee, editor of Media Development, a World Association of Christian Communications (WACC) publication, interviewed me. During this time of self-isolation, I thought it was appropriate to share it.  Phillip Lee: My … Continue reading

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Zionist Attacks Continue on Director Ken Loach

by James M. Wall Israeli politics shine no light on the darkness of oppression. Take the career 0f Ken Loach, a film director who exposes injustice on and off screen. He has long been a constant warrior against Zionist oppression … Continue reading

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Love, Not Hate, Must Follow the Amens

by James M. Wall Works of film art endure when the underlying intent remain the same. One segment in John Ford’s film, The Searchers, reminds us that revenge is not a morsel best eaten when cold, but a morsel best … Continue reading

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Samia Khoury and Trump’s Deal of the Century

By James M. Wall Samia Khoury has been my friend since before the first Intifada. My first of 20 trips to Palestine and Israel, always as a journalist, was in 1973.  All too slowly, since that first trip, I grew … Continue reading

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Israel Creates A New Political Normal

by James M. Wall Adam Shatz, writing in the London Review of Books, described Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s legislative victory on April 9, as a “tribute” to his “transformation of the political landscape”. He wrote: At no point were [the … Continue reading

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