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The Obama Family Is Winning the Religion Primary

by James M. Wall Barack Obama was campaigning in Aberdeen, South Dakota on Saturday while the Rules Committee of the Democratic National Committee was deciding what to do about delegates elected in the Florida and Michigan primaries. A reporter from … Continue reading

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Now For Something Completely Different

by James M. Wall As they used to say on Monty Python, “Now for something completely different.” And for that something, we turn to Gershom Gorenberg whose blog effectively nailed ABC News for a story it ran on Dunkin Donuts, … Continue reading

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John Q. Adams: Politician with a Conscience

By James M. Wall Published in the Christian Century magazine, used by permission In my earlier years, my mother would often say to me, “Someday when I am old and gray . . .” I later used the phrase with … Continue reading

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Jim Johnson in the VP Hunt Once Again

by James M. Wall The choice of a Vice President is the first, and most important, decision that Barack Obama will make once Hillary Clinton concedes. He has already begun to consider his options, quietly, of course, to avoid offending … Continue reading

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News in Brief

Carter Says It will end June 3 Former President Jimmy Carter told the BBC that he expects the super delegates to swing behind Barack Obama after the last primaries on June 3.  Carter is a super delegate (as a former … Continue reading

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Down the Rabbit Hole with George Bush

by James M. Wall George Bush traveled through Alice’s Looking Glass in mid-May, flying from Tel Aviv to Sharm El Sheik, Egypt. He paid more attention to the world as it might have been described by  the White Rabbit with … Continue reading

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Ickes Is Back and Clinton’s Got Him

by James M. Wall Hillary Clinton continues to plunge ahead on what is fast becoming a death march.  By not leaving graciously in the face of an obvious loss, she threatens to tarnish her own legacy and that of her … Continue reading

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Time for Hillary to Give it up

by James M. Wall If Hillary Clinton really loves her country, her party and her family, she will end her campaign in Kentucky Tuesday night.  She can declare victory there and congratulate Barack Obama for his victory in Oregon on the … Continue reading

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A Veteran Film Critic previews Cannes

A Guest column by Ron Holloway  Ron Holloway is a Chicago native steeped in Catholic doctrine (seminary trained), film history, criticism, and the mysteries of film marketing.  He is also acquainted with just about every director who ever made a … Continue reading

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Jewish Groups Support Carter While Candidates Say No Way

by James M. Wall Jewish Voice for Peace and Just Foreign Policy have presented former U.S. President Jimmy Carter with a petition of 5,000 signatures supporting Carter’s meeting with Hamas leader, Khaled Meshaal. The two men met in Syria, April 18.  Through the petition drive, … Continue reading

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