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Thomas More: “I’d give the Devil benefit of law, for my own safety’s sake”

by James M. Wall In his press conference Wednesday night, President Obama was asked two questions about torture. In his first answer he referred to an article he read recently. His staff did not initially provide the source, but Huffington … Continue reading

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Arlen Specter’s Switch Is a Mixed Blessing to Progressives

by James M. Wall Not to be churlish about it, but news that Arlen Specter has switched parties to save himself from certain defeat in the 2010 Republican primary comes as a mixed blessing for peace and justice progressives.  Specter … Continue reading

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U.S. Justice Department May Drop Spy Case Against AIPAC Lobbyists

by James M. Wall                                                            Pro-Israeli Congresswoman Jane Harman (D-Ca) may not be … Continue reading

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Jane Harman Caught on NSA Wiretap Cutting a Deal with an Israeli “Agent”

by James M. Wall               Representative Jane Harman (D-California) is in a tough spot. She has been caught on an NSA wiretap cutting a deal with an Israeli agent.  Will Representative Harman become the Rod … Continue reading

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Wingnuts, Blinders and Bubbles: Obama Continues U.S. Obeisance to Israel

by James M. Wall The right wing media wingnuts (Urban Dictionary: “A wingnut: An outspoken, irrational person with deeply-held, nominally conservative, political views”) went wild over the slight bow they detected when President Obama greeted Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah with a … Continue reading

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Yes to Tutu, Cuba Travel, and Marriage in Vermont

By James M. Wall The times they are a’changing.  Not immediately and not fast enough, but the signs are promising.  Consider these three stories: Michigan State President Says No to ADL Michigan State University invited retired South African Archbishop Desmond … Continue reading

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Could Avraham Burg Be Israel’s Future Barack Obama?

by James M. Wall                 Avraham Burg is the former Speaker of the Israeli Parliament and former Chairman of the Jewish Agency for Israel and the World Zionist Organization. Winding up a recent book … Continue reading

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Jewels in the American Crown: Obama, Hightower and Maddow

by James M. Wall                                 Elections do have consequences. Imagine any other current American politician handling questions from the international press corp and town hall … Continue reading

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Looking for a Bishop in The Family Tree

By James M. Wall This blog is concerned, among other things, with current events, history, and religious connections. You don’t like family history? Well stick around, at least long enough to hear, below, a rousing rendering of  “Old Dan Tucker” … Continue reading Continue reading

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