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The Public Is Mad at Big Business; So Why is EFCA in Trouble?

by James M. Wall         Things are becoming “curiouser and curiouser” in Wonderland. We have fallen into that deep hole with Alice where up is down and down is up. “Who are YOU?” said the Caterpillar. This … Continue reading

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Israel’s “revolting” Marriage Law Faces A Court Challenge

by James M. Wall Veteran Israeli journalist Uri Avnery is constantly outraged at the conduct of the nation he loves.   In a column in the Palestine Chronicle, Avnery writes about a case now before the Israeli Supreme Court in which a group of … Continue reading

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Ron Holloway Finds “Political Movies” at the 2009 Berlin Festival

By James M. Wall Ron Holloway was one of my earliest mentors in relating film to religion.  We met during the 1960s, the peak era for art movies when European imports were arriving in the US from directors like Ingmar … Continue reading

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Jimmy Carter’s New Book Is Must Reading for Freeman’s Successor

by James M. Wall                   While keeping up with L’Affaire Freeman, which has been consuming this blog of late, I have been rereading Jimmy Carter’s We Can Have Peace in the Holy … Continue reading

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David Broder: Obama Suffers an Embarrassing Defeat

by James M. Wall There are few journalists working today I admire as much as I admire David Broder. We go way back. As far back as the George McGovern campaign of 1972. This is a man I trust and … Continue reading

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The Times Wakes Up While Schumer Says He Helped the White House Do the Right Thing

by James M. Wall The New York Times finally woke up to the Charles Freeman affair and  wrote about Freeman’s withdrawal in its news pages this morning.  The Times called AIPAC for a statement and allowed a spokesman to deny involvement while treating the … Continue reading

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Good: Cohen Calls Hamas a “political phenomenon” in the Palestinian National Fabric; Bad: Freeman Withdraws

By James M. Wall Back in the Israel Lobby’s halcyon days, could you imagine a New York Times leading columnist writing the following paragraphs? And keeping his job? Like Hamas in Gaza, Hezbollah has long been treated by the United … Continue reading

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Yes Virginia, There is an Israel Lobby and It is Still Fighting Charles Freeman

by James M. Wall Yes, Virginia, there is an Israel Lobby, and it is still fighting to block Charles Freeman’s recent appointment. We thought the matter was settled when the word came down that Charles Freeman would be named chairman … Continue reading

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The Palestinian Democracy That Might Have Been After the 2006 Election

By James M. Wall The map above shows the final results of the 2006 Palestinian legislative district elections. It was distributed by the Central Elections Commission of Palestine and published on the BBC website. One half of the legislators in the 2006 election … Continue reading

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