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Bibi Spins Obama Again; Pushes Iran as a Nuclear Threat to Israel

by James M. Wall IMPORTANT TUESDAY 3 P.M UPDATE BELOW Haggai Ram teaches the history of the Middle East at Israel’s Ben Gurion (Negev) University. The most recent book to emerge from his research and teaching is Iranophobia: The Logic … Continue reading

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Stand up to Bibi, Mr. President; The World is Watching

Updated three times below by James M. Wall The UN Report on Israel’s attack on Gaza, December 27, 2008-January, 18, 2009, found that the attack was “directed at the people of Gaza as a whole,” not just at Hamas militants. … Continue reading

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Jimmy Carter Explains Racism to the White House; It is Not Pretty

by James M. Wall     President Obama’s health care hopes are floundering. So are his dreams for a Middle East agreement. Remember that triumphant election night victory, celebrated by a cheering, weeping, crowd in Chicago’s Grant Park? That one … Continue reading

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Obama Regrets, Bibi Fights, Fayyad Has a Program

Bibi Netanyahu seems to totally ignore these discussions. They don’t fit his vision of reality. Instead, he tells the American president Israel will enlarge its settlements as long as it wants to. And, oh yes, he will agree only to a brief hiatus in construction.

Bibi wants to change the language of the discussion. The Jerusalem Post reported Monday morning that “freeze” is to be dropped by Israeli ministers and media:

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu instructed his aides and Likud ministers over the weekend to stop referring to Israel’s commitments in a deal with US President Barack Obama as a “settlement freeze.”

Instead of a freeze (hakpa’ah in Hebrew), it will be referred to as a suspension (hash’ayah), a waiting period (hamtana), or even a cutback (tzimtzum) of Jewish construction in the West Bank.

In English, the word freeze that Netanyahu used just two weeks ago in Europe will be replaced by the sanitized word “moratorium.”

While Bibi fiddles with language, his country’s is under an economic threat. Continue reading

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At the Montreal World Film Festival: A 24-Hour “Ceasefire” in Fallajuh

(Tuesday Update: Ceasefire was honored with the Ecumenical Jury prize as the best competition film in the Montreal World Festival at ceremonies, Monday, September 7.   The prize was presented to Director Lancelot von Naso by Jury chair Julia Laggner, … Continue reading

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