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Why Are Palestinians Losing Faith in Obama? Ask Rahm Emanuel

Why Are Palestinians Losing Faith in Obama? Ask Rahm Emanuel

By James M. Wall

I read an online report on Gentleman’s Quarterly (GQ)’s latest issue, and discovered why Palestinians are losing faith in President Obama.

There at the top of a list of the 50 Most Important People in Washington, DC, was my old political colleague from Chicago, Rahm Emanuel. (Click on the line above, it has 50 pictures, like the one at left.)

I quickly scrolled the entire list of the MIPs in DC and discovered folks who are close to Obama, or who are engaged in running his wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, or who are advising the president on how to rescue the economy.

There are even some Republicans, in or out of office, who are dedicated to seeing Obama fail. There is even a media heavyweight, former Bill Clinton White House aide, George Stephanopous.

But there is no one who really knows and feels the Palestinian narrative. (To continue, click here.)

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