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America (And Israel) Move Down The “Path To Permanent War”

by James M. Wall Andrew J. Bacevich’s latest book, Washington Rules: America’s Path to Permanent War, arrives in stores this week. In what should serve as an introduction to his book, Bacevich‘s recent essay on is entitled: “The End of … Continue reading

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Freeman To Goldstone to Sherrod: An 18-Month Obama Nightmare

by James M. Wall Richard Goldstone, Chas Freeman, Shirley Sherrod. If you figure ‘Shirley” as a nickname for a first baseman, “Freeman to Goldstone to Sherrod” could be a modern day version of the celebrated double play Chicago Cubs’ combination … Continue reading

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Who “Won” the PCUSA Assembly? The Answer May Surprise You

by James M. Wall (See Updated Comment from PCUSA Commissioner Pete Bloss at end of Comments.) Who “won” the Minneapolis Presbyterian Church (USA) General Assembly? To answer that question, we first need to ask, who did not win? The religious … Continue reading

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This is No Longer Your Daddy’s Presbyterian Church (USA)

by James M. Wall When commissioners to the 219th Presbyterian Church (USA) General Assembly left Minneapolis, they departed from a GA that achieved amazing, surprising, and unexpected results. Reports on the Assembly in the secular media were formulaic, shaped by … Continue reading

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Post Columnist Milbank Calls Obama-Bibi Meeting A “Surrender”

by James M. Wall Barack Obama swept into the White House, thanks, in part, to his political and oratorial skills. He should have learned during his campaign for the US Senate that what he says about race relations at a … Continue reading

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219th Presbyterian Assembly Faces Its Moment of Truth

by James M. Wall Five Updates Below; Presbyterian General Assembly delegates are in Minneapolis this week for their national gathering–held every two years–discussing, praying, arguing, and finally voting, on a wide variety of issues that will determine how the heirs … Continue reading

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