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Netanyahu Owns the US Congress; Soon We Will Know if He Also Owns Gaza and the UN

by James M. Wall We need look no further than the politics of the state of Israel to see what extremist religion can do with power. The Tea Party in the US, which will determine the winner of the presidential … Continue reading

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A Walk On the Dark Side Of Israeli-Dominated American Politics

by James M. Wall A once largely unknown politician has been discarded as a liability by his fellow Democrats. I refer, of course, to former New York Congressman Anthony Weiner, not Glenn Beck (pictured here), about whom much more later. … Continue reading

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Palestinians Join The Arab Spring And Reach For UN Membership

By James M. Wall Five years before the 2011 Arab Spring, Hamas won a decisive victory in the January 25, 2006, Palestinian parliamentary elections. The United States and Israel had both endorsed the participation of Hamas in the 2006 elections, putting aside … Continue reading

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Why Was This Man Standing At A Podium Before the US Congress?

by James M. Wall This picture of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu laying down the law to the US Congress is not just a portent of things to come. It is, in fact, a portrait of who really runs US … Continue reading

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