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Kerry Stumbles Into a Peace “Bully” Role

by James M. Wall Nicola Nasser, a blogger from Bir Zeit, Palestine, has delivered a stinging rebuke to John Kerry on the eve of the meetings with the U.S., Israeli and Palestinian negotiators. Nasser’s blog,  allarabi. exposed a “new tactic” in Kerry’s … Continue reading

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Indyk Returns as Kerry’s Chief Negotiator

by James M. Wall Secretary of State John Kerry is expected to name Martin Indyk as the U.S. Representative to the Israel-Palestinian peace negotiation. Indyk has been around this peace talk track before. He belongs to a small group of … Continue reading

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Livni Warns Israel It Faces A Worldwide Boycott

by James M. Wall Justice Minister Tzipi Livni is the Israeli cabinet minister with the task of finding a way back to peace talks. At the moment, she is one more frustrated negotiator. Livni was so frustrated that she kicked … Continue reading

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“One Day Ramallah Will Rise Up”

by James M. Wall “One Day Ramallah Will Rise Up” is the title of a current column by the provocative Ha’aretz writer, Gideon Levy. During this same week, Uri Avnery, another Israeli provocateur, entitled his Gush Shalom column, “The Human Spring”. … Continue reading

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Kerry Undertakes One Last Anti-War Mission

by James M. Wall John Kerry is back in Washington after his fifth official trip to the Middle East. He is already planning his return to the region. Despite the lack of any visible signs of success, the U.S. Secretary … Continue reading

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