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Israel Remains The Untouchable Election Issue

by James M. Wall In recent weeks, I have studied Spotlight, a film that should explain why our current presidential election is about none of the critical issues facing our nation. This Clinton-Trump campaign, is, most certainly, not about the critical foreign policy issue of … Continue reading

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Israel Defends Its False Narrative Against BDS

by James M. Wall On one of my earliest reporting trips to Israel/Palestine in the early 1980s, I was assaulted by an Israeli government official wielding a wicked instrument called hasbara, Hebrew for propaganda. I had latched on to a … Continue reading

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In The Beginning Was Trump’s False Birther Tweet

by James M. Wall In the beginning was Donald J. Trump’s false birther tweet, posted four years ago. The Los Angeles Times‘ Matt Pearce remembers: “On Aug. 6, 2012, the Twitter account @realDonaldTrump posted an important public announcement: “An ‘extremely credible … Continue reading

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Trump Goes Off Script In Worst Possible Way

by James M. Wall How long, O Lord, must we suffer outbursts of dangerous rhetoric from Donald J. Trump? The latest example, this time in Wilmington, North Carolina, is reported in the New York Times: The Republican nominee, reports the Times, “appeared to … Continue reading

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Republicans Panic While Neo-Cons Rush to Clinton

by James M. Wall As the November 8 election looms larger with each passing day, Republican party leaders are now in a “panic mode”. On Wednesday, the Los Angeles Times reported, “Donald Trump’s relations with the Republican Party – and his … Continue reading

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