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“Boundless Confidence In America’s Promise”

UPDATE: Initially, I wrote in this posting that “presumably the ‘very little guy’ in Trump’s diatribe is Senator Tim Kaine, of Virginia, Clinton’s choice as her vice-president.” Two days later, Trump tweeted that he was referring to former New York Mayor Michael … Continue reading Continue reading

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Big Brother or Hillary: A Final Muddled Choice

By James M. Wall George Orwell’s 1984 is now dangerously close to reality. In the picture above, Donald J. Trump looms on the large screen behind the nominee, bringing an ominous reminder of Orwell’s “Big Brother”. The acceptance speech Trump gave … Continue reading

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Our Long Trump Nightmare Grows In intensity

by James M. Wall The posting below originally ran in this space, March 2, 2016. Since the Trump nightmare has only grown in intensity, I am reproducing the earlier posting for the benefit of new readers, and as a reminder for all of us, that elections … Continue reading

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Will “Greatness” Elude Yet Another President?

by James M. Wall Will McAlvoy (Jeff Daniels), (right), played a newscaster working for a fictional cable news network on The Newsroom, a program which ran on HBO (2012-2014). The writer of The Newsroom series is Aaron Sorkin, creator and lead author of the earlier television … Continue reading

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“Cunning of Reason” Will End Israel’s Occupation

by James M. Wall A search for hope began with a viewing of the 2014 film, Interstellar, the mind-stretching movie directed by Christopher Nolan, and written by Christopher and his brother Jonathan Nolan. Interstellar is one of those motion pictures that lifts the spirits because it brings … Continue reading

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