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A Sad Reminder from Illinois:”Money is the mother’s milk of politics”

By James M. Wall Listening to the 59 Illinois state senators solemnly repeat their “yes” vote to remove Governor Rod Blagojevich  from office, one had to wonder: How many of them thought, “there but for the grace of God go I”? Everyone … Continue reading

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In “Waltz With Bashir” Art Connects Gaza to Sabra and Shatila

  by James M. Wall             Waltz With Bashir, an animated documentary film by Israeli Director Ari Folman, arrived in U.S. theaters during the recent Israeli invasion of Gaza.  During the invasion, Gary Kamiya wrote … Continue reading

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Obama Names George Mitchell Top Middle East Envoy

Friday update follows below: by James M. Wall Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus.  Or, if  you prefer, there is a God in Heaven who has finally figured enough is enough. You know the God I mean, the One … Continue reading

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“Lift Every Voice and Sing”

Lift Every Voice and Sing Continue reading

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Pastor to Obama:”Perhaps you are where you are for such a time.”

 by James M. Wall                             On Sunday morning, President-elect Barack Obama and his family worshipped together at the 19th Street Baptist Church.  The Obamas’ new hometown newspaper, … Continue reading

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Israel Calls a Timeout While Gaza Continues to Suffer

  by James M. Wall Late Saturday night, Israel and its allies, the US and Egypt, made a grand show of calling a “time out” (also known as a “ceasefire”) in Israel’s relentless attacks against Gaza’s civilian population.  The US … Continue reading

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War crimes? Or “part of a new strategic ballgame in the Arab-Israel arena”?

  by James M. Wall With the invasion of Gaza ending its third week, the Palestinian Ministry of Health reported Friday, January 16, that the Palestinian death toll is now 1115, of whom 370 are children and 85 are women. The … Continue reading

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Memo to Team Obama: Read Rabbi Rosen and Roger Cohen Before You Announce Your Middle East Team

by James M. Wall                   On Sunday morning, our pastor led us in a “Congregational Reaffirmation of the Baptismal Covenant”. We were asked to respond to a series of questions, including this one: … Continue reading

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Obama Breaks his Silence; Promises Effective, Consistent and Immediate Action on Gaza After January 20

 Update Number One: Read Roger Cohen’s column in today’s New York Times. It is not to be missed. He throws some cold water on the hopes recorded in this posting and my “How come there ain’t no brothers on the wall? posting.  I trust … Continue reading

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Question for Barack Obama on Middle East Envoys: How come there ain’t no brothers on the wall?

                                                                                  … Continue reading

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