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The Gaza Attacks: “Israel carefully planned the attack to extract the highest possible price.”

UPDATE: Wednesday, December 31, 2008 Israel’s attacks on Gaza have entered their fifth day. The Israeli cabinet has rejected a call for a cease fire.  Amira Hass writes in Ha’aretz on the careful planning of these attacks. Hass covered Gaza and the West Bank for Ha’aretz for … Continue reading

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Niebuhr, Carter and Obama Understand History as “a larger realm of Mystery”

by James M. Wall       Reinhold Niebuhr’s influence on former President Jimmy Carter has been evident throughout Carter’s political career. That influence is even more pronounced in Carter’s post-presidency. Carter is a political realist who understands, and acts on, … Continue reading

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Rick Warren To Pray at Obama’s Inaugural? Was Otis Moss III Already Booked?

by James M. Wall                     When word came that Barack Obama had selected Rick Warren to give the opening prayer at his inauguration, you had to wonder, was Otis Moss III … Continue reading

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George Bush’s Legacy: A Deadly Manichean Mindset

By James M. Wall Bill Moyers’ Journal interview with Salon blogger Glenn Greenwald, provides a valuable insight into the Bush legacy that is both wise and frightening. What Bush leaves behind, as Greenwald documents, is best described as a Manichean mindset, … Continue reading

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Obama Knows the Gaza Siege is Immoral Yet He Remains Silent

by James M. Wall For more than a month, Israel has imposed a tightened  blockade over Gaza’s one million and a half residents. Outside aid is forbidden which is why, on Monday, December 1, the Israeli navy blocked a Libyan ship carrying … Continue reading

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Were Bloggers Wrong to Block Brennan for CIA?

by James M. Wall  When President-elect Obama rolled out his national security team at a press conference in Chicago Monday, there was no CIA director on stage.  Until November 24, Barack Obama had John Brennan on a short list to become … Continue reading

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