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Will Elections Penetrate Israel’s “Impenetrable, Dangerous, Ideological Shield”?

by James M. Wall It has been 25 years since Jewish historian, and Israeli critic, Simha Flapan, described the dominant narrative of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in his 1987 book, The Birth of Israel: Myths and Realities. Even though Israel has … Continue reading

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Khader Adnan Is A Requested Palestinian Gandhi; Yet They Saw Him Not

by James M. Wall Khader Adnan has reached an agreement with the Israeli military authorities.  He promises to end his hunger strike, but only if Israel guarantees to give him back his freedom April 17. Israel blinked, saying, in effect, … Continue reading

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Dershowitz Attacks Penn BDS Conference; Next In Line, The United Methodist Church

by James M. Wall Israeli blogger Noam Sheizal writes in the US based, Foreign Policy’s The Middle East Channel, that the majority of voters in Israel currently have no interest in ending the country’s 44 year-long military occupation of the West … Continue reading

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