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NYT to Obama v. Romney, “let’s you and him fight”

by James M. Wall Scott Shane’s New York Times story Friday, linked President Obama to President Jimmy Carter. Shane maintains that Obama, like Carter before him, could also be a one-term president. The New York Times must have gone into … Continue reading

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Obama’s UN Call For “the right to practice free speech” Does Not Embrace Beit Ommar

By James M. Wall President Barack Obama was at his eloquent best when he addressed the United Nations General Assembly this week. Until, that is, he inserted a jarring note that was anything but eloquent.  It sounded, in fact, like a … Continue reading

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The Video That Could Doom A Candidate

by James M. Wall The presidential election is still four and a half weeks away, but the video that tells all about Republican Mitt Romney’s inner beliefs on Palestine and U.S. tax payers, may already have doomed his candidacy. Mother … Continue reading

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How A Hate-Driven Anti-Muslim Film Led to the Death of Four U.S. Diplomats

by James M. Wall Leave it to Juan Cole to come up with just the right metaphor to interpret the events in Libya and Egypt this week. Cole knows the Middle East and he has the writing skills to clarify … Continue reading

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The Night An Unscripted Moment of Democracy Surprised the Democrats

By James M. Wall To have seen it, you had to be watching either a public or a cable network. You also had to be watching closely. Otherwise, early Tuesday evening in the Democratic National Convention, you missed an ever-so … Continue reading

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