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The Secret Mission of William J. Burns

by James M. Wall “The Secret Mission of  William J. Burns” is a true story that begins in Amman, Jordan. The year is 1983. William J. Burns, a 27-year-old U.S. Foreign Service officer, is on his first overseas post to … Continue reading

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Menendez to AIPAC: You Have My Hand in Friendship and the Power of My Office, Shalom

by James M. Wall When President Barack Obama named Senator John Kerry as his Secretary of State, he opened the door for a new chair to assume control of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee: New Jersey’s Democratic Senator Robert Menendez. Menendez … Continue reading

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Congress and Israel Against Obama and Kerry; “Which Side Are You On?”

by James M. Wall This week, two intrepid American Jewish journalists, Richard Silverstein and MJ Rosenberg, reminded somnolent Americans that Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu has declared diplomatic war against the White House. It is not a new war. What is different … Continue reading

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John Kerry: Unfiltered In His Own Words

by James M. Wall John Kerry took the unusual step of agreeing to a November 6, Jerusalem television interview with two reporters, an Israeli and a Palestinian. He did so in order to send a public message to Israeli Prime … Continue reading

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Do Peace Talks Point to a Carthaginian Peace?

by James M. Wall On December 24, 2009, the Israeli oil exploration company Givot Olam, posted two media announcements a few hours apart. Givot Olam’s first announcement revealed that “significant quantities” of oil had been found in the mud of … Continue reading

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