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Iran And The Season of Peace and Goodwill

by James M. Wall This is the season which celebrates the hope of peace and good will among humankind. The New Testament testifies to this hope in Luke 2:8-20. “Now there were in the same country shepherds living out in … Continue reading

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If Talks Fail, Boycotts Will Arrive “On Steroids”

by James M. Wall John Kerry returned for talks in Jerusalem and Ramallah this week, bringing a warning that if the peace talks fail, Israel could confront a “boycott campaign on steroids“. The U.S. Secretary of State also brought a … Continue reading

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Mandela Had “A Unique Moral Authority”

by James M. Wall Nelson Mandela died at his Johannesburg home on December 5. The man who led South Africa out of the bondage of national apartheid, died at the age of 95. The world has responded with an outpouring … Continue reading

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Netanyahu’s Flawed Vatican Charm Offensive

by James M. Wall With the U.S. Congress safely in his back pocket, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has turned his charm offensive on the Vatican. How is that working out for him? It does not look promising. The Prime … Continue reading

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