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“Know Nothings” Could Deliver Clinton Vs. Trump

by James M. Wall As the nation enters 2016 in search of a new president, Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton seems certain to derail Bernie Sanders while anti-immigrant Republican candidate Donald Trump is expected to recover quickly even if he loses the Iowa … Continue reading

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At War With Those “Who Have Perverted Islam”

by James M. Wall During a speech at this week’s White House  conference on countering violent extremism, President Obama described the enemy that calls itself ISIL: “We are not at war with Islam; we are at war with people who have perverted … Continue reading Continue reading

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What Happens In Gaza After The U.S. Elections?

By James M. Wall National U.S. congressional elections come around every two years. The latest arrives Tuesday, November 4. The election will relieve U.S. television viewers of a steady diet of noxious attack ads funded, in an alarming  measure, by the … Continue reading

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Time for Obama To Earn His 2009 Nobel Prize

by James M. Wall President Obama has suggested a “pause” following the failure of the most recent Israel-Palestine peace negotiations. A pause is an option, of course, but it needs to be a “pregnant pause”, defined by one source as: “A pause that gives … Continue reading

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